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Where God's Wealth Meets God's Wisdom

Imagine yourself at the shooting range aiming at a target. To ensure your aim is accurate, you look for a calibrated point of reference. There are two engraved lines to give you a single place to focus on when aiming at a target. The two lines cross at this spot and create what is known as crosshairs.

If you want to pinpoint your financial destiny, you need to zero-in on your target, not someone else’s mark. The simple tool needed for pinpoint accuracy is the crosshairs, and one of the most critical steps is knowing where you are aiming. The blessings come where the two lines meet. Get ready to manage money according to the Word of God and live a prosperous life!

INTERSECTION Boxset featuring God's Ownership Meets Money Management

Your Personal Financial Guide

We will walk with you as you RECOVER from past money mistakes, GROW your present pocketbook position, and ZERO IN on your future financial fortune, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy of love.

It's okay to glance back and learn from past mistakes. But, now it's time to focus forward.

Let's build upon your God-given talents and fulfill your life's mission.

With clear vision & intentional focus, it's time to Zero In for the WIN!


90-Day Devotional & Journal

Welcome to the 90-Day Devotional & Journal that will lead you through the three books in the series.

Grab one for each person in your family or study group. This is the perfect companion and guide as you #zeroin on the INTERSECTION, Where God’s Wealth Meets God’s Wisdom.

Author Bio

Who is Coach Johnny?

Financial Author, Coach, Educator—Helping you achieve your life’s purpose and financial plan.

Johnny McWilliams writes with the central message of planning your finances to involve God from the word ‘Go.’ It is not merely a matter of knowing God’s principles in dealing with your finances. It is about making your whole life, and hence your finances, centered on God’s plans and purpose for you. Johnny’s writing is not just bringing God into the framework of creating wealth: it is making God the center of it all.

He came to this place of faith after making some serious money blunders in his own life; all because he did not consult his Wealth-Maker.  Only when he gave control of his life back to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and began living by the Word, did his financial situation start to turn around and bring such lasting returns that he is now able to coach others.

Founder of Zero In Financial LLC, Johnny guides his students, customers, and clients as they RECOVER, GROW, and ZERO IN.


What They Say

These books can inspire anyone who want to learn how to have the right mindset concerning personal finances.

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Zero In On This! is a blog that helps individuals #ZeroIn on their financial target. From prayer to purpose to prosperity to passion; this is where I show you how to transform your situation from broke to blessed.

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