INTERSECTION – Where God’s Wealth meets God’s Wisdom

Biblical Faith Meets Financial Strategy

Biblical Faith Meets Financial Strategy

How to Lay a Solid Foundation for Prosperity

Series: INTERSECTION - Where God's Wealth Meets God's Wisdom

“Prosperity resides where prayerful planning, financial freedom, and radical relationships intersect.”

— Excerpt from Biblical Faith Meets Financial Strategy

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INTERSECTION : Where God's Wealth Meets God's Wisdom

This book series is for anyone who wants to understand the foundational principles of money and what the Bible has to say about them. It doesn’t matter your current age, wage, or stage. These are fundamental truths for every individual’s financial life.

Do you want to know the best way to build wealth?

★ Do you have a healthy connection with all financial matters?

★ Have you ever wondered what the Bible has to say about money?

★ Would you like to have contentment in every aspect of life, at work and home, with family and friends, at church, and in your community?

★ Do you want to know how to manage money better?

Bible Builds Wealth

Financial Empowerment Lives at the Intersection

Your Relationships + Money

Your Relationships + Money

Your relationships are important and they all affect your finances. Read how you can improve your relationships with God, family, and the world.

Financial + Fruit of the Spirit​

Financial + Fruit of the Spirit

Your heart will overflow with love, joy, and peace. Your actions will be purposeful with patience, kindness, and goodness. And your thoughts will be faithful and meek with self-control

Your Dreams + Your Life

Your Dreams + Your Life

You were created for a purpose. Are you living what you dream about? When you are, you realize true prosperity and real contentment.

Word of God + Wealth​

Word of God + Wealth

The scriptures teach us to be in a relationship with God. And your Heavenly Father wants you to live a prosperous life. The Bible teaches you the proper way to handle that wealth.


Start reading and begin living at the INTERSECTION of Biblical Faith and Financial Strategy

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