WYE Special Discount

2 Special Discounts For
Listeners of the
What's Your Emergency podcast

What's Your Emergency podcast
Discount for WYE Listeners

#1 Join the Advance Reader Team and Get Free Books for Life!

The Advance Reader Team (ART) receives our eBooks weeks before they are published. All we ask is that you read it, not distribute it, and give us feedback. Also, we would love for you to give the book a review, but that is up to you. Don’t worry, you will receive all the details once you join.

If you are within the latest enrollment period, 2/22/2021 – 3/22/2021, you can click the button below and claim your free eBook!

#2 Enter Special Code & Save Big!

Receive a 40% discount on the audiobook and more than 50% off the eBook/audiobook bundle retail prices!

Since you are a regular listener of the What’s Your Emergency podcast, you already know what your discount code is, so head right over to the store and save big!

If you don’t know what the code is, you can find it by listening to Season 3 – Episode 5.

UPDATE: The code you heard in this podcast episode will only work for the audiobook. The bundle requires the same discount code, but add the letter “B” at the end. No spaces. Codes are not case sensitive.